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  • What is LA Night Ball?
    LA Night Ball is tennis and pickleball after dark! For more info see our About page as well as our gallery with videos and pictures!
  • For what types of events can I book you? Are the events open to the public?
    We are available for all types of events including club socials, tennis team parties, fundraisers/charity events, birthday or anniversary parties, and other events. If you have tennis courts, we can come to you! Private events are only open to the guests the organizer wishes to invite. Most of our events are booked by tennis clubs and are therefore open to the members and guests of that club. However, we do also host events open to the public. Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook to be notified of upcoming events. To book us, please fill out the form on our booking page or send an email with the info to or give us a call at (818) 641-5752.
  • Where are the events held? Is it indoors or outdoors?
    We come to your facility. Most events are held at outdoor courts, however we are also able to do indoor venues.
  • Are events open to all ages and levels?
    Yes. LA Night Ball is first and foremost meant to be a fun and entertaining experience for all! Therefore we try to be as inclusive as possible of all ages and levels in our events. If you would like to customize an event for a younger age or skill level set, we are able to do that as well by substituting in green or orange dot balls.
  • How many people can attend an event and how long does it last?
    We are able to accomodate as many participants as you'd like to invite. We recommed up to 20 people on court at a time to limit wait time between turns. Since events last 2-3 hours, they are generally divided into several sessions, so 60 players can easily rotate through in the span of an evening.
  • How many courts is it?
    The event is held on one court, usually a center court with a viewing deck where possible, so others who might be shy to participate can still watch the event and experience the music and fun!
  • What should I wear?
    Bright neon colors as well as some white cotton clothing will glow well under black lights. Tennis shoes must be worn at all times. No flips flops or other street shoes are allowed. We also offer a selection of clothing for sale that will definitely glow brightly! We have shirts that will glow under black lights as well as glow in the dark designs that will glow even without black lights!! Please take a look at our gallery to see the designs.
  • Do you sell clothing or accessories that glow? How do I order?
    Yes! We currently offer both adult and youth sized t-shirts that will glow under the black lights, as well as shirts that glow in the dark WITHOUT any black lights!! A great souvenir to take home from the experience! Please take a look at our gallery to see the designs. Shirts that glow under black lights are available in 4 different color options with our logo on the front: yellow, green, pink, and orange. Glow in the dark shirts that don't require black lights to glow are offered in black with the same color choices for the glowing design on the front. The shirts can be purchased as an add-on package when the event is booked. We also offer fun accessories that glow such as bracelets, shoelaces, etc. and will soon be adding additional designs and clothing options! Keep up with us on Instagram and Facebook to be the first to see the new items and designs coming soon!! Please reach out to us directly for information on how to order for your event.
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